Test-Taking Tips

Test-Taking Tips

The following are some tips for improving test results for visual thinkers (dyslexic, ADHD, Autistic, etc.).

  • Carefully read each question and ask yourself, “What is this question about?” Try looking  away from the book (look up and to the left and visualize the question in your imagination.  Very often the answer is a picture inside the picture of the question.
  • If you’re still not sure of the answer, carefully read the answers one by one, visualize the  answer and compare it to your picture of the question.
  • Remember, every question counts the same. Don’t spend too much time on any one  question.
  • Read and answer questions: When possible, look over the questions before you read the  passage. Do NOT try to memorize the questions (that’s silly). Simply look over the  questions for key words. Quickly visualize the key words so they jump out at you when you  read the passage. Read visually and pause for 5 seconds or so to re-visualize the key  words based on the information in the passage.
  • Do not over-think the questions. If you’re not sure, FEEL the answer using your  Visual/Kinesthetic synesthesia. Learn to trust your gut.
  • Math: Read the entire problem carefully and underline the question. Understanding the  form of the answer can tell you how to solve the problem.
  • Math: When possible use estimating and rounding off to eliminate wrong answers and save  time. (Sometimes just knowing which answers are incorrect is enough to get the question  right.)
  • Finally, always answer all the questions. Even guessing, the odds are in your favor.

This is an excerpt from "Reading with Dyslexia: 10 Steps to Success".

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