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Tying our Shoes

One of the questions/concerns I hear a lot is, my child can’t tie their shoes. How can I...

May 04, 21

Stimming to Release Energy (from "Ultimate Guide to Stimming")

People may need to release physical or emotional energy for variety of reasons.

People may feel overwhelmed...

Mar 16, 21

CHANGES AND TRANSITIONS (from "55 Essential Skills for Students")

 For tens of thousands of years, human beings lived as hunter-gatherers.

A person living in this world likely...

Mar 05, 21


For better or worse, the diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorders includes a wide array of behaviors and struggles.


Feb 15, 21

Collaboration (chapter 52 from 55 Essential Skills for Students)

Collaboration is the ability of students to work together in groups.

Collaboration or working in groups can...

Jan 30, 21

The Writing Process (from 55 Essential Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum)

Even a simple writing assignment may require most or all of the following skills:

  • Filtering through...
    Jan 24, 21

Introduction to 55 Essential Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum


55 Essential Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum is the culmination of 10 years of research...

Dec 19, 20

Communication Styles (from NLC Guide to Relationships)

In previous chapters, we looked at people’s personalities and how they perceive and process sensory information.

As one...

Nov 19, 20


Meltdowns and shutdowns might be described as a state of emotional or sensory overload that effectively shuts down a persons rational thinking and judgement and allows the Sympathetic Nervous System (our fight-or-flight system) to completely take over.
Nov 04, 20

A Word on ABA (from 55 Essential Skills)

As many folks in the autistic community are aware, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has increasingly come under fire.

Oct 04, 20

Chapter 8: Communication, from Waves--Not Spoons

Communication is like a dance. It requires the participation of both parties. It requires focus and attention. And,...

Oct 01, 20

Finding Your FACE - Chapter Two

Chapter 2: The FACE of Personality

The FACE Personality Model is based on the four...

Sep 24, 20


"Before I came to the Learning Center I was hopeless. I'd given up reaching my goals. I was almost suicidal. Now, I have the confidence and strength to go after what I want. I accept who I am and I know I have something to offer."

Jared. A

"G R E A T news!!! Sarah got 20 out of 20 of her spelling words CORRECT today - isn't that awesome? I knew she'd do well, but 100% WOW!!! I feel so blessed to have found you, Gerry. I swear it wa a divine intervention... if what you've done for Sarah in this short a period of time is something you can offer to other children then, my God, what a legacy you have the opportunity to leave on this earth! I thank God for you. Have a blessed weekend."


"As a college student, Mr. Hughes' techniques have aided my progress through the push to finish my Biochemistry major and have helped me succeed in Honors classes as well. My experience with the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center has been a very positive one, and the results from this involvement are phenomenal."

Eric D

Adam showed dramatic improvement after completing his program at the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center. I, for one, will be eternally grateful to Mr. Hughes."

Jennifer M