Relaxed and Focused

Relaxed and Focused

Would You Invest 2 Minutes a Day to Become More Relaxed and Focused?

Created at the Neuro-linguistic Learning Center in California, the "Relax and Focus" app is now available FREE for both IOS (Apple) and Android devices.

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 In just three easy steps, the app helps shift the Autonomic Nervous System from the Sympathetic (fight-or-flight) State to the Parasympathetic (rest and digest) State.

Visual Tracking

Step one is a simple Visual Tracking exercise. 

thumb juggling

Step two is a fun Motor-Sensory exercise we call thumb-juggling.

Step three is a Focusing Exercise we call "Expand Awareness".

It takes just 2 minutes to complete all three Visual and Motor-Sensory steps. For best results, we recommend using the app two times a day as well as before and after any stressful events. Imagine, just two minutes a day that could change your life.

"Relax and Focus" is also included in our "Reading with Dyslexia" and "Spelling Made Easy" apps available for both IOS and Android devices.

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