The FACE Personality Model is a breakthrough in personality and relationship analysis in that it goes beyond a mere snapshot of our behaviors and, instead, identifies the specific brain functions and neurological tendencies as the source of those behavior.

An important feature of the FACE Personality Model is to assist the individual in separating his or her neurological personality traits from any stress or trauma-based personality traits so that any issues can be addressed with appropriate interventions. 


  • Choose a time and place in which you feel relatively comfortable and relaxed.
  • Sitting comfortably, take a few slow, deep breaths.
  • The goal is to select the adjective, noun or activity from each group that feels most comfortable, enjoyable or appropriate.
  • Once you begin the assessment, as quickly as you can, select one word from each of the 36 word groups that you feel best fits you.
  • For best results, go through the test quickly and without analysis. Go with your first impression.

Your result will appear within seconds of completing the assessment. This is your FACE Personality. 

For additional information on your FACE personality and relationships be sure to download the first chapters of "What Personality Type Am I?".


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The study of personality is subjective. This assessment is provided for entertainment purposes only. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the authors and their agents against any use of the information provided by this assessment.