Reading with Dyslexia

Reading with Dyslexia

More about Reading with Dyslexia.

Reading with Dyslexia is a Do-It-Yourself Guild to reading and writing in the face of dyslexia and dyslexic-related symptoms.

Reading with Dyslexia contains specific techniques and exercises to improve reading, writing and spelling almost immediately.

Each technique and exercise are explained in detail.

I can’t emphasize enough that this is a VERY CONCISE (short) PROGRAM.

There is no need to rush. Just follow the steps to begin reading easier, faster, and with more enjoyment.

The most important thing to keep in the back of your mind is to RELAX AND ENJOY your new reading experience.


Note: Reading with Dyslexia is a condensed version of “Cracking the Dyslexia Code: A Parent’s Guide”.

Cracking the Dyslexia Code includes detailed explanations of the nature of dyslexia and other reading struggles as well as additional exercises and techniques for handwriting, essays and composition, speed reading, memorization and more.

More about Reading with Dyslexia.

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