Setting priorities Tip for ADHD, Dyslexic, and Autistic persons...

Setting priorities Tip for ADHD, Dyslexic, and Autistic persons...

Tip for prioritizing projects:

Start by imagining each project as a large manila (yellow) folder with the project name written in large letters. Feel free to use a different color for each project.

Allow the projects to 'float' in your mind's eye for a few seconds.

As you think about which project is more important or time critical, allow the project folders to arrange themselves according to YOUR priorities. Bring the more important projects closer (larger, brighter) and allow the less important projects to move farther away (down, smaller, less bright).

Far away, down, and off to the left, imagine a small black filing cabinet with one open drawer. 

As you eliminate projects from top priority, allow their folders to float down and away, smaller and smaller, and into the black filing cabinet. 

Allow more and more folders to drift back into the file cabinet until you're down to the one or two projects you intend to work on now.

Close the file cabinet when all the folders are stored away. and leave the one or two top priority folders large, bright and in your face.

Now, imagine writing YOUR NAME on the folder in large letters. This is where YOU take ownership of the project. If you like you can even begin putting additional notes on the priority file folder(s) like "URGENT". 

You can open the folder and look inside for individual tasks. Take out the task you want to begin with and leave the rest inside the folder. 

As this process unfolds, it is important to FEEL the weight and importance of this project. SEE IT--FEEL IT.

 Feel free to contact us for assistance or audio recording for this technique.

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