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The NLC Guide to Love and Relationships is your neurological roadmap to finding and maintaining successful relationships.

We live in a complex world and maintaining successful relationships is more challenging than ever.

Finding and choosing the right partner for a spouse, partners or business associate can mean the difference between success and failure both personally and professionally.

The NLC Guide to Love and Relationships is key to understanding why relationships succeed or fail and how to add your relationships to the success category.

Based on the FACE Personality Model, a research-based personality model developed at the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center (NLC), The NLC Guide to Love and Relationships offers us a deep and profound understanding of personality and relationship dynamics.

Everyone deserves to be happy. And we believe that there is no greater happiness than developing relationships that allow you to let yourself to be seen as a fully self-expressed human being.

The NLC Guide to Love and Relationships includes practical tools and strategies to help each person find and develop the kind of intimate relationships that we all want and deserve.

Table of Contents

Introduction ii
Finding Your FACE Personality 1
FACE Personality Assessment 3
Your FACE Personality Scorecard 5
The FACE of Others 7
The Sixteen FACE Personalities 8
136 Relationship Matrix 20
136 Relationship Descriptions 21
Relationship Dynamics 185
Communication in Relationships 190
Communication Styles 191
Visual Communication 193
Visual Listening 193
Visual Speaking 194
Empathy and Rapport 196
Match & Mirror: Posture 198
Match & Mirror: Gestures 198
Match & Mirror: Breathing 199
Matching Language Patterns 200
A Word on Family 202
Relationships and Stress 204
Appendix B: Dominant Brain Functions 206
Dominant Brain Functions 206
Flow of Sensory Information 207
Dominant Feeling 209
Dominant Access 211
Dominant Consideration 212
Dominant Excitement 213
Dominant—NOT Exclusive 214
The FACE of Love (iPhone app) 216
Appendix A: Additional Resources 217
Related Academic Studies 219
Index 220
The Author 221

There are thousands of books that claim to tell you how to fix your relationships and many of them have some good ideas. But they don’t get to the source of relationships. They don’t leave you with an understanding of our fundamental personality traits and how those traits interact with each other to form identifiable and predictable dynamics.

To that end, we want every person in a relationship to be able to easily recognize the dynamics of their relationship. If you can’t see what’s happening, you have no way to change it. Experience shows that when an individual or couple recognizes these dynamics, they have the power (choice) to change the dynamic.