Your selections indicate that your FACE Personality is: PVLU

  • YourDominant Feeling is Parasympathetic.
  • Your Dominant Access isAuditory.
  • Your Dominant Consideration is Logical.
  • Your Dominant Excitement is Under-Stimulated.

FACE Personality: PVLU

Strengths: responsive, thoughtful, creative, conceptual, big picture thinker; logical, rational, independent, outgoing./p>

Weaknesses: May like to argue. May struggle with empathy.

Likely careers include: Business Owner, Executive, CEO, Consultant, Attorney, Venture Capitalist, Computer Programmer

Ideal FACE Personality matches are SAEU, SAEO and PAEO.

Personality Traits are Dominant--Not Exclusive

It is important to remember these personality traits and functions are dominant--not exclusive.

Personalities are not carved in stone. As we increase our understanding of who we are, why we are the way we are, we open the door to effective and lasting change.

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