"G R E A T news!!! Sarah got 20 out of 20 of her spelling words CORRECT today - isn't that awesome? I knew she'd do well, but 100% WOW!!! I feel so blessed to have found you, Gerry. I swear it wa a divine intervention... if what you've done for Sarah in this short a period of time is something you can offer to other children then, my God, what a legacy you have the opportunity to leave on this earth! I thank God for you. Have a blessed weekend."


"As a college student, Mr. Hughes' techniques have aided my progress through the push to finish my Biochemistry major and have helped me succeed in Honors classes as well. My experience with the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center has been a very positive one, and the results from this involvement are phenomenal."

Eric D

"Before I came to the Learning Center I was hopeless. I'd given up reaching my goals. I was almost suicidal. Now, I have the confidence and strength to go after what I want. I accept who I am and I know I have something to offer."

Jared. A

Adam showed dramatic improvement after completing his program at the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center. I, for one, will be eternally grateful to Mr. Hughes."

Jennifer M

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Articles and videos on Dyslexia, ADHD, and the Autism Spectrum

Communication Styles (from Essential Skills for Adults on the Autism Spectrum)

Previous chapters looked at adults’ personalities and perceived and processed sensory information.

As one would expect, it is natural for adults to speak and...

Jun 17, 22

Chapter 8: Communication, from Waves--Not Spoons

Communication is like a dance. It requires the participation of both parties. It requires focus and attention. And, as we discussed in previous chapters,...

Oct 01, 20

SMART Goals: from Waves--Not Spoons

In applying the Waves model to goal setting, we can strive to make the most of your available energy by eliminating activities that...

Apr 10, 20

A Conversation on Education and Challenges to a Successful Learning

From "Cracking the Personality Code", Chapter 18: The FACE of Education

Cathy: Why is our educational system now failing to educate almost one out of every four children in the US? Why are many more children struggling just to get by?

Aug 06, 19

Relaxed and Focused

Would You Invest 2 Minutes a Day to Become More Relaxed and Focused?

Created at the Neuro-linguistic Learning Center in California, the "Relax and...

May 15, 19

Comorbid and Co-occurring Issues

Many of the issues we refer to as comorbid or co-occurring are not really "co" occurring (as occurring with), but rather they are occurring over or around the underlying neurological issues.
Apr 07, 19

What am I Feeling?

Sometimes we need help sorting out our feelings, especially when life throws us two or more challenges at once. This chart is for informational purposes only. If you suspect a medical issue or suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, it is advisable to seek professional help.

Mar 08, 19

Relieving Fear, Anger, and Stress

Be it Fear, Anger, or Stress, intense emotions can interfere with our daily lives. For many dyslexic, ADHD and Autistic persons, these strong emotions...

Mar 04, 19